Studio Piraat is a band of ambitious and talented creatives. Graphic designers, interactive designers and creative strategists. Mavericks who excel in simplicity, passion and fun; far from typical.


We believe in designing powerful and clear communication products. Statements that stand out, enthuse, inspire and persuade. We dare to stick our necks out in everything we do. We create successful outcomes with our clients. Our strength lies in engaging and understanding.


First we need to get on the same page. Next, we dig deeper into issues and challenges, then our internal chemistry takes over: brainstorming, visualising and deleting. The result: innovative and powerful solutions. Translated, developed and ready for implementation.


Since 2002 our studio has grown in creativity, knowledge and scope. Complementing our studio in The Hague, in 2015 we opened a second office in Woerden, right in the green heart of the Netherlands. Interested in what we can do for you? Please get in touch!