More than pouring coffee

The third edition of the Out of Office Festival was a success! Young, energetic people of 25+ experienced how they can mean something for another in addition to their busy lives.

During the annual festival you can get acquainted with voluntary work in a low-threshold way. The entire festival is structured so that you can discover what kind of voluntary work is in line with your interests and work experience. Because voluntary work is no longer just about pouring coffee!

Studio Piraat created the identity and entire layout of the Out of Office Festival. In the first year, together with the municipality of The Hague, we set the concept of this festival, after which we developed the whole look and feel of the event. We designed everything from posters to program books and from umbrellas to 10 meters wide banners! We are looking forward to the next edition.

Collaboration with our ‘östlichen Nachbarn’

This week we finished the renewed magazine of the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DNHK), ‘MARKT’. We repositioned the German-Dutch magazine based on archetypes. Besides the new visual identity and brand positioning of the magazine, we work with the DNHK on an in-depth and an editorial way. The magazine shows the differences between Germany and the Netherlands in a visual and creative way. Both on economic and cultural themes. For this project we work closely with photographers, illustrators and writers from our own country as well as from our neighbor. Super toll! View case.

PEP The Hague gets a new look

PEP The Hague is a knowledge centre with areas of focus that include citizen participation, diversity and equality, care and voluntary work. Following the merger of a number of charities, PEP gradually faced an identity problem. PEP asked us to go into the depths and form their brand. Based on extensive internal and external research, we formed the basis for the positioning plan, future brand strategy and the visual strategy for PEP. And last but not least, we designed the visual rollout for PEP, including the new brand and website.