Huisstijl en website SMT

SMT maakt big data inzichtelijk voor hun klanten en geeft onafhankelijk advies over de toepassingen, mogelijkheden en strategische inzet van deze data.

Studio Piraat is gevraagd om een nieuwe identiteit voor SMT te ontwikkelen én een website te maken die past binnen deze stijl en ambitie. Begin deze maand ging de website met de compleet vernieuwde huisstijl online.

Check ‘m hier!

Are you a Hague’s Success?

For the municipality of The Hague we take care of the communication part of the Hague Success Awards, an assignment that we carry out in co-creation with Obsession Events and Communication. The Hague Success Awards are there to put successful integration initiatives in the limelight.

Because The Hague is a cultural melting pot! The more than 140 cultures and a variety of beliefs make The Hague vibrant, interesting and worldly. There are so many positive things happening in the city and in the neighbourhood. Initiatives to improve the quality of life, which encourage people to meet and learn from each other and provide a pleasant environment. All initiatives that come from the ‘Hagenaars’ themselves are an inspiration for the city.

With the Hague Success Awards, the municipality appreciates these positive initiatives in the area of diversity and inclusion in the city of The Hague.

So, do you know organizations or individuals who are committed to integration and connection in The Hague? Or are you someone who works for this? Then sign up at the Haags Succes website!

The importance of a good font

Typografie – designers know the impact of a good font like no other. Or, as our designer Sean says so beautifully; typography is for design which herbs are for food. You can cook delicious pure food, but it’s the spices that make it exciting. And sometimes even a tad risky. But that font would determine the difference between guilt and innocence, he had not foreseen.


What happened?

In a corruption scandal, the daughter of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was accused for illegal constructions on being the owner of luxury apartments in London. In order to prove her innocence, Ms Sharif carried documents from 2006 that would show that she was only a curator of the apartments and not the owner.



The documents are written in Calibri, a font that took over the classic Times New Roman in 2017, as a widely represented standard in office documents.

But now the decoupling. The font Calibri, of the Dutch typographer Lucas de Groot, did not enter the market until 2007. What would mean that Maryam Sharif could not have possibly used this in 2006! We plead guilty!


Typical typography

Besides legal cases, typography lends itself well to determine the appearance of an identity. Design and typography must complement and reinforce each other.

Typography is eminently an emotional element. Each type typography creates a different feeling. Therefore, the choice of script, serif*, mono or handwriting is so important. It determines what your company says, with and without words. We know that!


Take a look at our work for our typography choices or contact us directly! 


*a sans-serif font is a font that does not have the extending features called “serifs” at the end of strokes. That is, it has no cross-section at the end of the font.

A visit from our neighbours

It is no secret that creativity flows through the blood of Austrians. In the past, the country in the Alps has produced real prodigies in the field of art and music. It is no surprise then that they also play in the field of design with renowned agencies like moodley and Bruch.

But, we are never too old to learn and we must continue to develop. That was reason enough for an Austrian delegation of creatives to visit their neighbours. Next to Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague has also been put on the map as a design city. We are proud of that!

A study trip

The members of the Austrian trade union Carinthia were looking for insights and inspiration. And we are not shy when it comes to sharing our knowledge and showing our work. So we created a showcase which included a great deal from our expertise, from identity to infographic, from (online) campaign to complete concept. It turned into an interesting morning in which we exchanged knowledge about the Dutch and Austrian markets and shared our experiences.

As a thank you, we received an Austrian brandy as a gift. With self-designed identity, of course. Zum Wohl!

Curious about our work? Check out or contact us.

A new generation on board

Expand your horizon and learn more about graphic design. That is the purpose of the mini internships that jINC organises for children in groups 7 and 8 from various elementary schools. Do you already know what you want to be? Lawyer, doctor or agent maybe. Do you know what these professions actually mean? Right.

Mini internship at Studio Piraat

Last week, six children from ‘t Palet Elementary School came to a morning mini internship in our studio. Armed with an arsenal of questions, a tour along our ‘islands’ and a logo design workshop, we were determined to broaden the horizons in terms of career choices of these youngsters. And for us, it was a chance to look into this new generation of potential designers, project managers and creative strategists.

Aspirant designers

This media generation is brought up with clicks and bits. After a short introduction and some impatiently pushing back and forth of the chairs, the kids were finally left for research. Curiously, they summoned the designers’ screens and within the shortest time the “wacoms” were seized. They grabbed the digital pencils and within a nanosecond, these aspirant designers made their first digital sketches. Also during the logo design they were proactive, creative and surprising.

These children show that there is a new generation of designers who are curious, creative and innovative. Still hoping they will choose the best job in the world.


Het The beach of course. Good fish, fresh from the “visafslag”. But also from the Grote Markt. Zeeheldenkwartier and The Hague Market. Yup, at Studio Piraat we love The Hague. So when we were asked if we wanted a ’30 days as a Hagenees’ we could say nothing but an enthusiastic YES!

And so, Bas came to visit last Tuesday. Bas has an advertising agency for small brands with great ambitions and is from Groningen, but lives and works for 30 days as a real Hagenees. On day 20 he was at the studio with us, and got his hooks out of his sleeves. We lured him with bacon from The Hague, some professional table football and a furious brainstorm. The burning question is: Have we hijacked Bas from Grunn? Check out Bas’s progress through #30daysasahagenees.


New Pirates on board

There is a new crew on board again! Anna Newen and Sabine Evers have started as creative strategists in the studio.Freek Rutkens has been recruited as a designer.

Anna comes straight from the University of Amsterdam where she studied communication sciences and graduated cum-laude in media psychology. This knowledge is being used at Studio Piraat for creative concept development, communication and strategies!

Sabine has earned her stripes with social media strategies, content marketing and online communications advice. As a maternity leave replacement, she is going to set up total concepts, brand placement and (content) campaigns.

Freek graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy last year and is a designer with a passion for digital media and technology like virtual reality. That translates into Studio Piraat, among other things, in coolt (3D) animations and powerful (online) designs.

We are happy with the new Pirates, ship ahoy!

“Haags bakkie”, glühwein with bratwurst

From Thursday 17th to Wednesday 23rd December is the second edition of the Royal Christmas Fair. The Lange Vijverberg in The Hague is filled with cozy stalls! Every day from 12:00 to 21:00 there are music performances, delicious Christmas snacks, drinks and cosiness. Last year we developed the identity of the fair and at the moment we are busy with the program warrant. Do we see you there?

Check for more information

More than pouring coffee

The third edition of the Out of Office Festival was a success! Young, energetic people of 25+ experienced how they can mean something for another in addition to their busy lives.

During the annual festival you can get acquainted with voluntary work in a low-threshold way. The entire festival is structured so that you can discover what kind of voluntary work is in line with your interests and work experience. Because voluntary work is no longer just about pouring coffee!

Studio Piraat created the identity and entire layout of the Out of Office Festival. In the first year, together with the municipality of The Hague, we set the concept of this festival, after which we developed the whole look and feel of the event. We designed everything from posters to program books and from umbrellas to 10 meters wide banners! We are looking forward to the next edition.

Still, we go for Helvetica

Typography. Or textual design. An important part of our work in which we look at how the content of a text is supported by the type of letter. Despite the thousands of fonts that exist today, one has been widely used since 1957; Helvetica. Remarkable because it does not stand out. Neutral yet appealing. Modern and classic. Blogs are written about this font! And we are also a fan of it. Just keep an eye on how often you encounter with it. So, we also say ‘hey hey helvetica’!

Collaboration with our ‘östlichen Nachbarn’

This week we finished the renewed magazine of the German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DNHK), ‘MARKT’. We repositioned the German-Dutch magazine based on archetypes. Besides the new visual identity and brand positioning of the magazine, we work with the DNHK on an in-depth and an editorial way. The magazine shows the differences between Germany and the Netherlands in a visual and creative way. Both on economic and cultural themes. For this project we work closely with photographers, illustrators and writers from our own country as well as from our neighbor. Super toll! View case.

PEP The Hague gets a new look

PEP The Hague is a knowledge centre with areas of focus that include citizen participation, diversity and equality, care and voluntary work. Following the merger of a number of charities, PEP gradually faced an identity problem. PEP asked us to go into the depths and form their brand. Based on extensive internal and external research, we formed the basis for the positioning plan, future brand strategy and the visual strategy for PEP. And last but not least, we designed the visual rollout for PEP, including the new brand and website.