brochure and campaign


Velto is the exclusive importer of Interstuhl products for the Netherlands and Belgium.

The ‘MOVYis3’ is an office chair made by Interstuhl. This chair combines sleek design and color with ergonomics and German reliability. Velto asked Studio Piraat to launch the MOVYis3 onto the Dutch market, addressing a broad audience from architects and project offices, to SMEs and buyers.

Quality and design are very important for this chair’s target market. The idea was to place the MOVYis3 in their world. From this ‘given’, Studio Piraat developed the creative context, ‘Next in Line’. The MOVYis3 boasts some special features, in both its design and ergonomics. In the concept phase we linked these features to world famous iconic designs.

The icons symbolise the chair’s individual features. The MOVYis3 is the next icon in the line; stylish, with a striking design and customisable. This concept developed into a modular system of colorful panels, the building blocks of the campaign.

Album covers were iconic and they’re back! Inside the cover, the catalogue can be customised with a tailor-made playlist, with titles reflecting the MOVYis3 customers’ product experience. The customisable upholstery is reflected in the sleeve design and is a tribute to the 1978 album ‘Some Girls’.