corporate identity and infographics

amsterdam internet exchange

AMS-IX is the largest Internet exchange in the world.

Just before their 20th anniversary, AMS-IX wanted to restyle and professionalise their house style. With the brief to renew their corporate image, while maintaining visibility of the logo and corporate colors, Studio Piraat set to work.

Using intersecting lines and subtle gradients, we have symbolised AMS-IX’s invisible power and indispensability. The intersecting lines in the AMS-IX logo represent the coming together of more than 600 networks worldwide. AMS-IX is on top of the latest technologies and innovations that go with the rapidly changing Internet landscape. This is depicted by placing AMS-IX in the middle of the intersection. In addition, AMS-IX’s facilitating role is symbolised through the soft colour differences of the panels.

An unambiguous and international identity, featuring prominently in all publications. Recognisable on every continent.

“Creative, passionate and fast is how we can describe Studio Piraat in a few words. We were looking for a design agency to translate the innovative, professional and international character of AMS-IX into a suitable identity, without losing the visibility of our logo. Studio Piraat got this perfectly. Meanwhile Studio Piraat has done a lot for us. Always with attention to detail and to our identity. We hope our collaboration with Studio Piraat will continue for a long time. “ – Pauline AMS-IX