identity and explanation animation

In order to replace the European Accident Statement, the Association of Insurers, the police and ICT agency VIA developed the app for reporting a traffic accident to an insurer. 

Design a recognisable visual identity for the app and develop an animation to explain the use of the app. Focus on all road users, such as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The simplicity and user-friendliness of the app are translated into a clear visual identity. The logo of is an icon in itself, where the dented letter ‘m’ is literally visualising the situation. The sleek, universally recognisable image and design language is implemented within the whole style. All in line with the general recognition of traffic signs but also to make the use of the app easy to understand for all road users.


A recognisable and well-applicable identity, both online and offline, with a clear informative animation explains how to use this app. This places as the mobile replacement of the European Accident Statement.

ICMA Gold Award
The International Creative Media Award is a global contest for corporate media, books, and design magazines. In 2016 Studio Piraat won, among others, a Gold Award in the Corporate Design Logos category, with the logo of!

The jury praises the logo due to the clear visual aspect of damage, which is extended in the further style. In the same year, Studio Piraat also won gold in the category of magazines and received an Award of Excellence.