The Koning Willem I Stichting is a foundation which issue prestigious biannual awards for entrepreneurial spirits—the Oscars for entrepreneurs. The awards are presented by Queen Maxima.

Studio Piraat was asked to develop a visual style for the 2018 award brochure and invitations.

Studio Piraat created the 2018 style by combining old with new. The historical characteristics of the foundation were merged with their nominees’ cutting edge attributes.

The identity is expressive, combining the Dutch royal family’s orange with royal blue. By placing translucent red paper over the various outings, the underlying orange layer is hidden, bringing a dynamic and surprising element to the identity. The typography is expressive and playful, often used as a visual element. The style is entirely summarised in the logo which uses the original Koning Willem 1 crown displayed in royal blue, overlaid with a modern, orange representation of the crown.