VGN (Dutch National Disability Care)

VGN (Dutch National Disability Care).

People with disabilities want to live a fulfilling life. Dutch National Disability Care (VGN) is devoted to support this cause in every possible way. VGN actively supports disability care organisations in the Netherlands and is on the forefront of making innovations and technologies available to the public.

VGN approached Studio Piraat for a revision of their brand identity to better match the core of the organisation: help those with disabilities live a life they want.

We used the outcomes of an interactive brand session to work towards a sensible and clear visual identity. The words ‘kindness’ and ‘accessibility’ describe the services of VGN best and they became central to the new identity. We reworked the logo with a friendly lowercase font that features rounded corners and a familiar yet fresh colour palette.

The new logo reflects VGN very well. It’s strong in its nuances; the soft new typography and the modified colours are a powerful visual translation of VGN’s core services. The familiarity of the logo is not lost, so VGN can easily apply it to all their communication channels.

‘Working with Studio Piraat was great! Our new visual identity is developed and designed by a tremendously skillful, talented team of brand specialists. Studio Piraat was able to subtly transform our visual identity into a fresh, friendly and familiar design. We’re thrilled with the result and the collaboration.’

-Inge Wiching Kruit, Communications Consultant VGN

PEP The Hague

PEP (Participation, Emancipation, Professionals) The Hague is a knowledge centre with areas of focus that include citizen participation, diversity and equality, care and voluntary work. Acting as a connecting link they analyse, translate, clarify and combine information for voluntary organisations, healthcare professionals, politicians and businesses.

Following the merger of a number of charities and with changing demand from the industry, PEP was looking for the answer to the question “who are we and what do we do?”, and especially how to capture this graphically.

The internal and external (visual) research formed the basis for the repositioning plan, the future brand strategy and visual strategy for PEP The Hague.

A clear starting point for PEP, allowing the organisation to build on its visual brand identity.