EPLAN provides software solutions that optimise production processes for engineers. With more than 120.000 software installations, they provide production solutions in most engineering sectors.

Studio Piraat was asked to create a “Tips & Tricks” booklet for engineers already familiar with EPLAN’s software, allowing them to increase their efficiency and accuracy while working.

Shaped like an old IBM punch card, the booklet hints at the origins of programming language. This theme is subtly continued within the booklet through the repetition of punches and the use of typography—similar to the typefaces used on the original punched cards.

EPLAN simplifies complex engineering processes. It induces a semi-automated chain of events when, for example, a component is linked to a library. Studio Piraat translated this into an abstracted series of X-ray inspired illustrations, seemingly caught in motion. This illusion of space, time and depth is central to the representation of the software’s complexity.
The color code, in line with EPLAN’s visual identity, highlights the strong electrical tension of the illustrations.
The contrast between the moving illustrations and the crisp text pages creates a binary hierarchy, making the “Tips & Tricks” a practical handout for busy engineers.