The importance of a good font

Typografie – designers know the impact of a good font like no other. Or, as our designer Sean says so beautifully; typography is for design which herbs are for food. You can cook delicious pure food, but it’s the spices that make it exciting. And sometimes even a tad risky. But that font would determine the difference between guilt and innocence, he had not foreseen.


What happened?

In a corruption scandal, the daughter of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was accused for illegal constructions on being the owner of luxury apartments in London. In order to prove her innocence, Ms Sharif carried documents from 2006 that would show that she was only a curator of the apartments and not the owner.



The documents are written in Calibri, a font that took over the classic Times New Roman in 2017, as a widely represented standard in office documents.

But now the decoupling. The font Calibri, of the Dutch typographer Lucas de Groot, did not enter the market until 2007. What would mean that Maryam Sharif could not have possibly used this in 2006! We plead guilty!


Typical typography

Besides legal cases, typography lends itself well to determine the appearance of an identity. Design and typography must complement and reinforce each other.

Typography is eminently an emotional element. Each type typography creates a different feeling. Therefore, the choice of script, serif*, mono or handwriting is so important. It determines what your company says, with and without words. We know that!


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*a sans-serif font is a font that does not have the extending features called “serifs” at the end of strokes. That is, it has no cross-section at the end of the font.