identity and website

Het Leesbeest

The Leesbeest (literally reading animal) offers schoolchildren help with dyslexia, reading and spelling problems, dyscalculia, and their maths. The Leesbeest makes every child wild about reading!

Develop an identity and website that appeals to the target audience, providing a visual experience.

A graphic identity, in which colour and the ‘Dyslexie’ font make reading easier for dyslexics. In short, an identity that turns problems into fun, encouraging children to do more.

An illustrative style that invites and excites children to become a real ‘Leesbeest’ themselves. The website addresses the target audience (and parents) in an accessible yet professional manner.

Not just children, but also clients are enthusiastic about our identity. The website is playful but professional. Also the creatively different promotional materials are certainly bearing fruit.” – Yasmin from Leesbeest